What exactly is GOW?

When cafes, restaurants and lounges have low occupancy during the day-time, we provide them with customers to help them grow their business. Meanwhile, there is a need for consistent spaces at great locations where people can work, meet or network regularly. GOW takes up these spaces and turns them into work spaces.

Won’t these spaces be loud and noisy? How would one work?

At GOW, we take up select spaces. Our workspaces are either bars/lounges/cafes which are open during the day hours and where we will have a separate dedicated area reserved for you. All these spaces are well lit, quiet and have great table/seat ergonomics which allow you to work without disturbance for long hours.

What do one get when they purchase a pass?


With GOW, you can choose to work out of any place in any area. You are no longer restricted to the same work environment any longer. Freedom to choose where you want to work today!


Get access to unlimited, reliable high-speed Internet.


Work for long hours(based on the space) with comfortable ergonomic seats and access to power ports.


Upon purchasing the pass, you are entitled to consume the entire amount towards anything in the space. No “convenience” fees, no subscription gimmickry, no limited menu selection! Get your full money’s worth at that space. “PURA PAISA WASOOL” as they say!


Connect with one of India’s largest Social Networking Platform, NODD, and instantly gain access to start-ups, investors and professional achievers.


GOW, powered by NODD, is a community of start-ups, investors and professional achievers. With a thriving community, get to meet and connect with like-minded people at our monthly events at various locations.

What are the different GOW plans?

There is just one! Why confuse with multiple plans. Just one pass worth Rs.500/day which allows you to consume the entire amount for that day. And time to time, we will be throwing in multiple discounts and offers to entice you to try out new places.

Do you offer a free day trial?

Absolutely! Call us at +91-91456-74949 or email us at hello@thegow.in for more information.

Are there passes available for longer durations?

Absolutely! Call us at +91-91456-74949 or email us at hello@thegow.in for more information.

How do I buy a pass?

You can buy the pass by downloading our app on Android or iOS.

When does the pass begin?

The daily pass gets activated at the day of your choice and till the café’s decided end time. Even after that, you are more than welcome to stay on at that place; kick back, relax & enjoy the atmosphere.

Do you require any deposits?

No deposit! You only need to pay for the daily pass and enjoy the benefits the café and GOW have to offer.

What are the working hours? When are the spaces open?

Each GOW space has a different operating time which is mentioned in the mobile app.

Where can I find out more about the GOW offers?

Offers will keep popping up time to time to promote certain places. And they will all be displayed on our app through notifications.

Does GOW offer any referral rewards? How do I find my referral code?

Absolutely! More the merrier! GOW offers cashback for every successful referral. Successful referral means when they purchase a pass with us. There are no limits to the number of referral bonuses a member can acquire. Please visit the “Refer & Earn” section on our app for more details. We would be delighted to have your friends and colleagues in the GOW community.

Please visit the “Refer & Earn” section in the Profile section on our mobile app to get your referral code.

How do redeemable credits work?

Upon successfully referring someone, you will get cashback in your account’s wallet that can be redeemed on your next purchase.

What are the sizes of the GOW spaces?

Each workspace size varies as per location. Our workspaces can easily accommodate up to 10 people. And can be increased when required.

Can guests visit me at GOW workspaces?

Of course. Just call them to the space. And if they want to avail the same benefits as you, just use your referral code to invite them. 😀 WIN WIN!!

What are the various payment options?

GOW passes can be paid for using Indian credit card, Debit cards, Net banking, UPI, Google Pay and E-wallets. For international cards and bank account contact us at +91-91456-74949 or support@thegow.in for more details.